Friday, 27 August 2010

What does an art teacher do during the holidays?

...Produce Artwork?

A few weeks ago #pgcetips caught my eye on twitter, I began to follow and contribute to it. Advice was flowing thick and fast on a number of different topics related to teacher training and classroom experience.
A tweet that particularly caught my eye was the call for illustrations to go alongside the tweets in the book so I offered to have a go.

One of the tasks I had set myself this summer was to get to grips with Adobe Illustrator, especially the 3D aspects, shading and rotation. This seemed like the perfect opportunity as I find it is always better to experiment with a real project goal. I just push myself harder this way.

Producing the series of images allowed me to experiment with the aspects of Illustrator I needed to enable me to teach these aspects in September, increased my knowledge of Photoshop at the same time and helped produce a crowd sourced book that will hopefully support future teachers.

I am glad I contributed to this project as my work has a purpose, it is frustrating that so much experimentation for my teaching either ends up languishing in a drawer or on a hard drive and it was good this time it has a life of its own and has given me project ideas for my students next year.

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