Thursday, 9 February 2012

Assignment 5 - #edtechcca5

Another project as part of #edtechcc...this involves lots of mini Photo Assignments

"A new photographic assignment will be posted here every two days until February 20th. Make as many of these photographs as you can and share them on our Facebook group"

8th - Make a photograph of a plastic object that you’ve used today.
Inspired by this article.

10th-Make a photograph where LIGHT is a main element in the image
Experimenting with Bokeh

12th-Make a photo of part of an everyday object and let everyone guess what it is.
So what is it?

14th-Make a photograph focussing on nature – animals, plants, landscapes, etc
Made using 360 Panorama app on my ipad. It allows you to view the panorama in different ways; flat, stereographic (above) and 360. Have a look at the different versions of the image above.

16th-Make of photograph of technology that you use often
Out of all my tech the thing that gets me through every day is winding down listening to audio books on my iPod :)

18th-What’s the weather like this weekend?

About 2°c and a little sprinkling of white stuff.

20th-Take a photograph from an unusual angle.
An image often seen but rarely photographed

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