Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Assignment 3 - #edtechcca3

This weeks assignment is "Make a comic-strip style set of instructions for a practical task".
I started by thinking how I could link this to an area I teach and came up with a loads of ideas:
How to photocopy
How to scan
How to remove backgrounds-Photoshop
...and the list went on

For my first attempt at the assignment  I chose 'How to develop ideas in photography?' It is something students often forget stages of.
I used my ipad and "Comic Book!" along with photos of my moggies. It was a very simple process and the app itself is very straight forward to use, but I am not completely happy with it as it is far too fussy.

I decided to look around the house for inspiration and came across this shaver booklet. 

I really like the simplicity of communication so am going to use this as inspiration for my next 'How to".

This time I used comic life to create a guide to using the photocopier. I used 'Comic Life' to create it.


  1. I love this. Really simple & I'm looking forward to the next 'How to'!

  2. Thanks have used a very similar style for the last one but striped out the written elements and think it is quite straight forward to follow but less 'fun'.