Sunday, 29 January 2012

Assignment 2 –#edtechcca2

During this weeks task I found myself really struggling as sound is not really my thing (unless you are talking about my eclectic music taste.)

I started thinking about how sound can represent visuals and images and how this could be used within Art and Design.
I selected a photograph recently taken by a student and used this as the inspiration for my first soundscape and used Beatwave on my ipad to create it. What do you think?
by Katy Hall

I then thought about how I could use this in one of my lessons. Students often struggle to describe images in words so perhaps they could describe a piece of Art with sound and this would then help describe it with words?
This is what I attempted, I thought about a specific piece of Art and thought what sounds could be used to describe it. What Art work could this soundscape represent?

Sound Scape 2.egg on Aviary.


For this second soundscape I used Aviary within the colleges google apps environment and found some sound effects on soundbible and soundfxnow. I used Monster Growl Sound, Crowd Boo and Heckles and Soldiers Marching. Hopefully these describe the image with sound.


  1. Hi Helen,
    I was enchanted with the first bit of audio but the second topped that. I was not familiar with the painting (or many paintings at all) but you sound matches it well once I'd had a peep.
    I am really enjoying looking at how different folk have approached this assignment it is opening my eyes to a lot of possibilities.

  2. Incredible, I listened through first trying to "picture" how the music made me feel. Then I followed your link - it was nothing like I pictured! I don't know the piece of art, but reading about it and the artist I can completely understand why you chose those sounds.

  3. Reminds me of Kandinsky's 'music' paintings. I've sometimes asked students to create abstract images from music, and I've found they have difficulty abstracting their ideas - they end up using recognisable objects. Perhaps working in reverse will help - the students create a soundscape for an existing image.